I had almost forgotten that i created this blog back in 2009 during an internship at Franconia Sculpture park in Minnesota. I thought that it might be smart to create an online portfolio as a basis for turning on the world to my singular genius. Well, its now a little over a year since the last time i posted and my evil plans, luckily for the world, have somehow been derailed. I have new intentions. It seems strange to have public journal that is potentially accessible to whomever might happen onto it. Its exhibitionist like and part of the facebook digital mirror world that seems so vain. So, here i am, talking to the mirror. I used facebook for a bit but was ultimately turned off by the weird pressure that develops when i know that others know i am there and i don't want to chat with them. Jeez! facebook induced guilt. The blog on the other hand is like talking into the void. There is a potential audience of everybody but realistically these typed words are just little grains amongst a vast electronic landscape. I can write with the void as my audience.
I have always wanted to write and have managed to scratch out a couple things here and there when required or necessary; maybe the blog can help to draw out the pieces and parts, the unfinished thoughts that bounce around the brain and begin to bring something into focus. Yikes! I think that writing must be an integral part of the "examined life" so let me begin to examine in the presence of everyone. A public introspection. Its never too late, right?